Unit 2 – Creative Multimedia

Welcome to the Unit 2 – Creative Multimedia section to support your coursework progress.

Before starting the tasks, it’s important to read through the following document,  Getting Organised.  (please use the link below to access the document)


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SPB - What is it? and help

Summative Project Briefs (SPBs)

Find out more about Summative Project Briefs (SPBs) and access the current briefs.

The Level 1 and 2 qualifications in Digital Applications are assessed via Summative Project Briefs (SPBs) rather than formal examinations. Set by Pearson to assess student attainment, the SPB is not a vehicle for teaching the course.

Teachers should act as ‘line managers’ for students, monitoring their progress, offering advice, making suggestions for improvement, and so on. If students require additional support and guidance, this must be reflected in the marks they are awarded.

SPBs are subject to controls defining the conditions under which they’re taken. These conditions are explained in the SPBs guidance document.


Here is a direct link to the SPB you must follow.



Splash Out Holidays is a company that specialises in adventure holidays for young people. It is currently updating its holidays for next season and wants to produce a new online ‘action brochure’ as part of its marketing.

The action brochure will provide details of water sports and activities the company is able to offer, such as kayaking and water skiing. It must be designed to appeal to the 18-24-year-old target age group.

You must produce the online action brochure. The brochure should showcase your creative multimedia skills. It must be engaging, interactive and show that a Splash Out holiday will be a great experience.

Unit 2 Coursework - The Starting Point

You must come up with some ideas for your online action brochure.

Read all the instructions for the action brochure and make sure you understand what is required.

Evidence Complete a proposal that outlines:

  • Content: your ideas for suitable water sports and activities, and for a surfing character. What will interest and entertain members of the target audience?
  • Components: your ideas for each component of the action brochure, including types of multimedia asset you plan to incorporate.

Discuss your proposal with your teacher and get their approval before you continue.

Evidence Needed 

  • Please upload your proposal named Proposal to your ondrive area for marking

Your action brochure for Splash Out Holidays should showcase a range of water sports and activities.

It must include:

  • a welcome screen
  • a navigation screen
  • an activities movie
  • a try surfing animation
  • a new this year gallery
  • a find out more contact screen.

Task 1 - Welcome Screen

Splash Out Overview:

For this section you will need to plan and prepare the following:

Welcome screen

  • Students should aim to produce a welcome screen that is animated and attracts the attention of the target audience. It should include the titles or headings ‘Splash Out’ and ‘Action brochure’, utilise motion and audio, and lead to the navigation screen.

Navigation screen

  • This navigation screen is intended to allow the user to select a component of the brochure. It must present suitable images with hotspots, rollovers, or other navigation features, which provide links to the activities movie, try surfing animation, new this year gallery and find out more contact screen.
  • Students must produce a design to illustrate their ideas for the layout of the navigation screen. The sketch layout may be hand drawn or software generated and should be annotated to explain design decisions.

To achieve a pass grade:

Candidates will produce a basic welcome screen for your interactive product that is animated and attracts the attention of the target audience.

To achieve a merit grade:

Candidates will produce an effective animated welcome screen for your interactive product that utilised motion and audio and leads to the navigation screen.

To achieve a distinction grade:

Candidates will produce an effective animated welcome screen for your interactive product that includes all the features, links, motions, audio, titles and headings appropriate for the scenario brief.

Task 1 (P) – The action brochure must open with an animated welcome screen that captures the attention of the target audience.

It must:

1.Welcome viewers to the action brochure

2.Include headings ‘Splash Out’ and ‘Action brochure’

3.Include motion, background image(s) and audio

4.Lead to the navigation screen.

There are different ways to achieve this. It is recommended that you use at a normal level, I would recommend that you use Flash and create a screen that is 600 wide by 400 high.

Then save a range of images about outdoor water activities, from the internet such as surfing, water slides, water parks styles activities and then update your sources table and make sure they’re royalty free.

Using a template, create a series of annotated sketches for your splash screen and agree with your test buddy on the final design decision.

Products you create should be well designed, include the Splash Out and Company Brochure headings within the design.

Remember to upload your scanned drawings to onedrive!

Task 2 (P, M, D)

With the Welcome screen is agreed by your test buddy, you will need to make the finished product using an appropriate package. Evidence of the stages of creation and saving must be evident for the higher grades. The splash screen needs to stand out, be interesting and  for the higher grades the finished version should be animated..

In a blank word document, evidence and write one sentence for each of the following stages:

1.In Flash, or a new version of Photoshop, create a screen that is 600 wide by 400 high.

2.Adding in the Titles Splash Out and Action Brochure and setting their fonts, sizes and colours.

3.Creating the motion tweens or stop frames for these titles.

4.Adding in the four images.

5.Setting the timings on their entrances.

6.Show the first second of the finished version.

7.Show the middle of the animation.

8.Show the last second of the scene.

9.Show adding a link to the Navigation screen and hyperlinking it.

10.Showing saving the file as a true Flash file format s that it can be edited if things do not work out.

11.Show exporting the flash file as a Flash File.

12.Save the word file as LO2 – Task 02 – Evidence of Welcome Screen Creation.



Create a splash screen for your production, using text tools within a chosen application.


Create an animated Splash Screen for “Splash Out” using tools within a chosen application.


Create and animate a Splash Screen for “Splash Out” that is vibrant using tools within a chosen application.

Task 1 - Welcome Screen

Testing of the asset table

Test Number What am I testing Where Asset is stored and Used What Should Happen Comments on Appropriateness of Asset Comment on Quality of Asset Suggested Improvements



Examples of things to test:

Logo Use of Images Passport Presenter Website graphic Source Table Design Log
·     Impact of the Logo

·     Logo appropriateness to target audience

·     Appropriateness to the quality of the videos

·     Size or quality of the image


·     Appropriateness of Image sources

·     Choice of Images on the Background

·     Choice of Images on the Outfit and Passport

·     Quality of Images used on the Website graphic

·     Look of the Passport

·     Appropriateness of the text on the Passport

·     How similar or different it is to the rest of the content

·     Appropriateness of Images used or Tools Used

·     Use of tools or techniques


·     Appropriateness of Presenter

·     Quality of the Finished Graphics

·     Appeal to the target audience.

·     Quality of the saved File Format

·     Quality of the Images

·     How the images appear (style) compared the Presenter graphics

·     Comparison to Background Image

·     Detail on graphics

·     Variety of images

·     Explanation of copyright

·     Use of language

·     Ease of use.

·     Quality of the writing

·     Quality of the graphic justification

·     Look and feel

·     Range of evidence shown

·     Quality of sketches


Delete Table above when complete.

General Testing table (adapt as needed)


Test Number What am I testing Which Pages What Should Happen Comments on use of the function or feature Suggested Improvements



Examples of things to test:

Look and Appeal Presentation of Grpahics Links to Graphic Assets Ease of Use Links to Evidence Quality of Assets Explanations used
·     Choice of Colours

·     Appeal to Audience

·     Use of media Content

·     Layout of Pages

·     Accessibility features


·     Preview Quality

·     Finished Graphic  Quality

·     Quality or Size of Outfit Images

·     Quality of the Explanations of image presented.

·     How easy is it to find things

·     Appropriate links o each page

·     Explanation of how to use links


·     Consistency of Pages

·     Ease of Use

·     Appropriateness of Files types used.

·     Explanation of links

·     Choice of File types used

·     Use of Asset previews

·     Location of files within the folders

·     Use of Grammar and Spelling

·     Size and colour of text

·     Quality of language used.


Delete Table above when complete.